On Sherry


I had a friend in town this past weekend, and we drank too much. Calories in alcohol aside, I felt like garbage the next day, ate a million pork dumplings and felt bad about the whole thing. Pizza and nachos were also involved. I try not to be too hard on myself when this happens, but it’s hard not to when you’ve been working hard to lose weight. And because alcohol leaves me feeling tired for days, it often leads to days of poor food choices. This time, I got back on my diet and am feeling good about it.

If your friends are anything like mine, socializing often just means eating and drinking. Part of my success in losing weight has been due to just staying home and watching Frasier. While that hasn’t been too hard in the cold winter weather, I can’t avoid my friends forever. When I have ventured out lately though, it’s been for more reasonable activities that leave me feeling good.

A lot of weight-loss articles tell you to pair up with a friend and exercise together. Most of my friends wouldn’t be interested, and neither am I. But there are plenty of things to do that aren’t just eating and drinking. While Frasier Crane likes to indulge in a nice glass of wine or sherry and try new restaurants like Le Cigare Volant, his social calendar is also filled with events like the symphony, theatre and opera. Going to the movies followed by one drink, for example, is a much healthier way to spend time with friends. Also, your friends will likely agree to do this with you.

And if you do spend a night out drinking Ballantines and eating junk, it happens.

Has anyone else had a hard time being social while dieting? Please share your tips or experiences! I’m listening.

One thought on “On Sherry

  1. After feeling ill recently from too many strong beers I thought “you know what I’m just going to not drink for one month” but then all the usual social opportunities popped up and it seemed too hard for no reason really. Kinda sad though. Moderation?

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