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I just heard the news that John Mahoney, aka Martin Crane, passed away a few day ago. This is very sad news indeed. While I don’t know a lot about John Mahoney, I do know quite a bit about Martin Crane and his best friend Eddie.

I have my own Eddie. His name is Runner, but he ruins any runs I try to take him on by stopping every 10 seconds to sniff a tree or whatever. Still, taking him on extra-long walks is a key part of my weight-loss strategy. I’m sure Eddie did a lot to help Martin’s health and mobility after his accident.


I don’t recommend everyone get a dog, especially not Frasier types who are obsessed with their furniture, but whatever your fitness level, gentle exercise like walking is a great way to move a bit. You don’t have to go to the gym if you don’t want to. If your goal is weight loss, you can do that without moving at all if you watch your diet. Whatever works for you is great. But for me, having Runner is a great way to exercise without it feeling like exercise.

Does anyone else have a dog who helps them stay active? Or just cute dog pics? Please share any dog-related comments below. I’m listening.

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